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Local Authority Housing – London

The Brief: To steam clean, sanitize and deodorize 2500 + waste bins and 1100 + bin chutes across multiple low rise and high rise residential tower blocks. The time frame for the contract was 16 weeks.

The Challenge: The bins were emptied on different days of the week and sometimes at different times of the day. Not all the bins were emptied when the waste contractor attended site. For example, if a bin was only half full, it may be left until the next scheduled lift – hence it would be unavailable for cleaning. In addition, the borough is one of the most densely populated areas of the UK, with nearly 300,000 residents. The challenge would be how to inform residents of the planned works and how to ensure minimum disruption was caused during operations.

The Solution: In the first instance, we met with the property managers and developed a planned maintenance schedule to cover the scope of the works. During our discussions, we suggested that we produce an information poster that would be displayed throughout the borough to inform residents. We also suggested a plan to create an audit trail for all the bins so that bins that were missed, could be scheduled in a later date.

The Result: Using two HydroForce 10 mobile washers and two teams of trained operatives, we completed the works on time and on budget.

The Feedback: The residents were delighted to see the bins and chutes deep steam cleaned and more importantly to them, deodorized. The tower block caretakers were happy to work along with our well organized teams.

Clients that we work with include:

  • NHS Hospitals
  • Local Authorities & ALMO’s
  • National Fast Food Retailers
  • Facilities Management Companies
  • Schools & Universities
  • Property Managers

Our regular scheduled bin cleaning service prevents pest infestation.

Nationwide service provision. Call: 01274 662288