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Commercial Bin Cleaning & Sanitisation

Refuse / Bin / Linen Chute: Cleaning. Maintenance, Fire Compliance & Certification

Roof Top Surveys Including Drone Surveys

Roof Top Maintenance Including Scheduled Gutter Clearing, Repairs & Refurbishment

Flame Free Flat Roof & Balcony Repairs & Refurbishment


We specialise in the above services and operate mainly within The Greater London Area, Leeds, Manchester, Midlands, Yorkshire and Lancashire regions although we are happy to extend our service anywhere in the UK.

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Regular wheelie bin cleaning is an essential service to all who want to demonstrate a commitment to health and hygiene best practice. Dirty bins attract rats, become breeding grounds for bacteria, cause offensive odours and become infested with flies. All bins require regular cleaning to avoid them becoming a serious health hazard. With our commercial bin cleaning service, we promise to keep these problems away and make premises across Greater London, Manchester and the UK cleaner and healthier.


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Bin Cleaning


Services provided by Hydro Tech Maintenance ensure that client's bins are kept clean and smell fresh all year round.

  • Eliminate Odours
  • Eliminate Pest Infestation
  • Eliminate Cross Contamination Risks
  • Improve Hygiene Standards
  • Sanitisation

Bin Chute Maintenance


Our bin chute cleaning and maintenance services keep the bin chutes clean and fire safety compliant throughout the year.

  • Bin Chutes Steam Cleaned
  • Fire safety compliance certification
  • Fire Closure plates tested and serviced
  • Hopper seals replaced

Environment Agency Legislation


Hydro Tech Maintenance adheres to all the Environment Agency's regulations regarding the cleaning of wheelie bins and other waste containers. These legislations are designed to protect local waterways from pollution and Hydro Tech Maintenance take their role in protecting the environment very seriously.
Environment Agencies legislation to
"Cleaning of Wheeled Waste Containers"

Maintain a clean fresh environment all year round. Our professional, efficient onsite services are available to commercial clients. Whatever the size of your wheeled waste container, bin chute or bin store we will ensure it is cleaned, deodorised and disinfected.

Logistics & Planning


Our works require careful planning and good communication with all parties. From first enquiry through service delivery and quality auditing, our experienced back office team can take all the stress out of arranging the detail. Many of our clients have 1000's of bins, situated across 100's of locations that are emptied on different days. We can take care of all the logistical planning needed to effectively deliver a program of works.



Our commitment to Health & Safety best practice is reflected in our membership of nationally recognised accreditation schemes.


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